Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia
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20 years since the establishment of the Standardization institute

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The Standardization institute marks 20 years since its establishment as the only national body for standardization in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The  Standardization institute has been a full member of the International Organization for Standardization ISO since 1995, a full member of the European Standardization Bodies CEN/CENELEC since 2012, an associate member of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC since 2005, and a recognized national standardization body in the European Institute for Telecommunication Standards ETSI since 2006. Cooperation agreements have been concluded with other national standardization bodies from the region and the world DIN, HZN, ISS, ISME, TSE, IEC, BDS, AFNOR, ISBIH, SAC, DPS, ASI and others.

ISRSM continuously works on the development and adoption of international and European standards, through its 32 Technical Committees in which experts from all fields are members. The Institute for Standardization now has 150 members from various interested parties such as Chambers of Commerce, Consumer Associations, Certification and Consulting Bodies, Manufacturers, the Business Community, State Authorities, Educational Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, etc. Over 31,000 standards have been adopted so far through technical committees from various fields.

Several workshops, lectures and seminars have been held and several trainings have been organized for current standards, through which companies strengthen their knowledge and awareness that the introduction of standards improves their competitiveness on the domestic market, as well as on the foreign market. Standards represent a bridge between producers and consumers and are an irreplaceable and powerful tool for the development of trade relations between countries in the world. Standardization represents one of the basic needs and conditions for the successful development of companies as well as the economy of a country.

The Standardization institute will continue to play a key role in promoting and developing the well-being of society, business development and company strategies by introducing standards for better quality products and services, contributing to greater protection and safety of people and the environment.

ISRSM, with its active participation in standardization activities, will continue to place standards at the center of the overall growth and development of our society.