Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia
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In its 20 years of existence as an independent institution, the Institute for Standardization of the Republic of North Macedonia (ISRSM) has recorded significant changes, improvements and successes in its work and continuously promotes standardization activities. The basic goals of ISRSM are an efficient and sustainable standardization system in the Republic of North Macedonia that will enable full participation in the standardization system at the European and international level, which aims to support the Macedonian economy in entering foreign markets and protect Macedonian interests.

After the re-appointment of the director of ISRSM in 2022, Dzevat Kicara, M.Sc. continues through meetings and collaborations between the institutions in the country and the region to define the directions for the development of future joint activities and from the meetings and the promotion of standardization activities from year to year the membership of interested parties in ISRSM is increasing. In 2022, ISRSM was directed to the regular production of a monthly Bulletin of adopted or withdrawn standards, new projects, as well as standards of public discussion, providing information in the field of Standardization to all interested parties through regular updating of the ISRSM website and social networks.

Total sold standards for 2022 is 1234 standards (MKS, ISO, DIN); and their application represents one of the basic needs and conditions for the successful development of the Macedonian economy, the quality, safety and health of the citizens increases, trade obstacles are removed and innovation is stimulated The total number of adopted MKS standards and standardization documents for 2022 is 2984, and a total of 30798 MKS standards so far. The total number of active ISRSM Technical Committees is 31.

The number of sessions held in the area of ​​general standardization and electrical engineering of the ISRSM TK is 47 sessions ISRSM TCs monitor the work of 39 European CEN/TC, CENELEC/TC, and international ISO/TC, IEC/TC and participate as observers and with active participation. 6 original national standards and 2 national annexes have been adopted. The existing Certification Department was reorganized into a Quality Management and Intellectual Property Department with two departments:

Quality Management and International Cooperation Department; Department of Intellectual Property and European Cooperation. In 2022, ISRSM organized and held several trainings for interested parties on standards for management systems for Health and Safety, Compliance and Indicators, competence of laboratories, etc. which were attended by a large number of participants from which ISRSM and those interested in following them have a mutual benefit.

The Department for Financial Affairs and Legal and General Affairs and Human Resources prepared all the documents necessary for smooth work both for the employees and for the Institute in a timely manner and within the legally established deadline. On a bilateral level, memoranda of cooperation were signed between ISRSM, represented by the director Djevat Kitsara, M.Sc., with the standardization institutes of Montenegro and Albania, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding with the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) and the Association Française de Normalization (AFNOR Paris, France. Among the activities in 2022 that director Dzevat Kicara, M.Sc., together with advisor William Hristovski, carried out on an international level are:

  • Participation in meetings of the technical boards of CEN and CENELEC BT, in May;
  • General Assembly of CEN and CENELEC and Joint Session between CEN and CENELEC in June in Prague, Czech Republic;
  • ISO General Assembly in Abu Dhabi in September;
  • The 60 th ISO/TC 204 Plenary Meeting- Intelligent Transport Systems, Tampere, Finland;
  • 62nd CEN TC 250 Structural Eurocodes, Madrid Spain;
  • World Halal Summit 2022 and OIC Halal Expo November, Istanbul;
  • The environmental project supported by the European Commission and CEN CENELEC December in Brussels;

As well as the employees of ISRSM on online participation

  • Annual ETSI NSO
  • 36th Plenary Session of CASCO
  • 59th DEVCO Plenary Session
  • UNECE WP6 Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies

In addition to the promotional activities and events at the international level, the opportunity was used to hold meetings and meetings with representatives from a large number of countries and our ambassadors in them, at which the director of ISRSM, M.D. Jevat Kitsara pointed out the possibility of cooperation of RSM as a developing country , with countries from other countries in the world through joint projects and active involvement in standardization activities at all levels.

More activities are planned for 2023, with which the Standardization Institute of RSM will become a more recognizable institution in RSM where companies can be informed, educated, trained and buy the standards so that Macedonian companies can strengthen their awareness of standards in achieving their business goals.

Warm greetings from the ISRSM team and thank you for being part of us