Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia
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Announcement paper

The Institute for Standardization of the Republic of North Macedonia - ISRSM, issues an Announcement paper for Standards and standardization documents, as a monthly newsletter for the activities of the Institute directly related to the process of adoption and withdrawal of Macedonian standards.

The first issue was published in December 2005.

The Announcement paper contains a list of Macedonian standards, standards of a public enquiry, withdrawn Macedonian standards, and a price list of Macedonian standards. In addition, the Announcement papers for the current year are given, while the Announcement papers from the previous years can be requested from the Info Center of ISRSM on

ИСРСМ огласник 2022

ИСРСМ огласник за стандарди и стандардизациски документи 2022:

ISRSM Announcement paper 2021

ISRSM Announcement paper for standards and standardization documents 2021.