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Benefits of the standards

Imagine a World Without Standards
A reminder of the importance of standardization and how it affects everyday life is from the very example of the traveler who has to carry a suitcase full of adapters when traveling from one country to another. These plugins have been specified in the past when international standardization was not yet widely recognized and they are a daily reminder of the universal value of standards. A similar example is a man who tries to connect his computer bought from one country to a telephone line in another country.

Standards take care of consumers
Standards give consumers confidence that the products and services they buy or receive are safe, secure and will do the job for which they are intended. Standards help consumers in their daily choice between one product and another.

Standers make the world safer
Whether it is soft toys, sharp tools, explosion-proof window glass, helmets, or the transport of dangerous goods, the establishment of standards ensures that these products serve their purpose and reduce the danger. That is why credit and other cards work abroad as well.

Standards encourage the exchange of technologies and innovations
Standards provide a platform for building new and exciting ideas. Standardization assists in the universal and global application of innovative technologies and knowledge and opens markets for new products and international cooperation. Whether it is the use of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles, in space or aeronautical technology, or for medical products: standards bring the world closer together.

Standards create a healthy environment
The standards regulate everything from food safety, the supply of safe drinking water, and the quality of medical devices, to the application of hygiene rules for everything. They also provide general rules for solving the problems of climate change, air quality, water and soil, energy supply, emissions, and radiation.

Standers facilitate trade
From the size of the tank to the coffee bean, the choice of car wheel joints, or the reason the contract is written on the same size paper as the rest of the records: standards apply everywhere and help companies base their product and service development of specifications that are widely accepted in their sectors. This allows them to compete on an "equal footing" on the world market.

Standers increase the competitiveness of Macedonian products on the global market
Standards and standardization are some of the basic needs, conditions, and assumptions for the successful development of the Macedonian economy. Products that comply with Macedonian standards have a competitive advantage over products that are not manufactured in accordance with the standards - consumers know the difference.
Safe and quality products on the global market can only be marketed by implementing the requirements of the standards. About 99 percent of all Macedonian standards are based on international and European equivalents.