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Within the second day of the official working visit of the Turkish Institute for Standardization, the Director of the Institute for Standardization of R. С. Macedonia (ISRSM), Xhevat Kicara, MA, together with Mr. William Hristovski, Advisor and also a member of the Council of ISRSM had a meeting with Mr. Musa Cakir, Director of the Laboratory for Building Materials, Mr. Mesut Duru, Head of the certification system group and Mr. Alper Kara, Management Systems Planning Manager, also realized the opportunity to visit the laboratories for chemistry, food, electrical and construction materials laboratory as well as the calibration and solar energy laboratory at the headquarters of The Turkish Institute for Standardization, Ankara, to exchange mutual experiences in work, for better implementation of the Halal system, for the use of reference equipment in laboratories in the measurement and calibration processes, but also for the opportunity to agree on further closer cooperation that will contribute to the whole process. of standardization and certification. As an Institute for Standardization We would like to express our public gratitude once again to the Turkish Institute for Standardization of protocol acceptance, hospitality and together with their experiences to create new ideas, plans and projects that would contribute to the standardization process in business life, appropriate quality and mass production, increasing productivity, preserving the environment, developing industry and making general contributions at regional, European and international levels to society and the community.