Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia
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Any interested party can be a member of ISRSM.
Pursuant to Article 18 of the Law on Standardization, all interested legal entities can apply for membership in ISRSM in order to exercise their interests in relation to the Macedonian national standardization.

Any legal entity with registered office and natural person residing in the Republic of Northern Macedonia can become a member of the Institute. The status of a member of the Institute is acquired by submitting a completed application for membership in the Institute and proof of paid membership fee. The written application includes a statement of acceptance of the principles and rules of the Institute and the nomination of their authorized representative. In case of dismissal of their authorized representative, the legal entity will appoint another representative.

The application form for membership in ISRSM is submitted in writing to ISRSM.

In order to achieve the most successful connection between standardization and the economy, the involvement of Macedonian companies and other economic entities in the work of ISRSM Technical Committees is of particular importance and interest. Because the basic principle is: "Participate and be informed"

Any interested party can participate in the work of ISRSM Technical Committees by filling out the Application for membership in ISRSM TC and its submission in writing to the premises of ISRSM. In addition to the application for membership in ISRSM TC it is necessary to fill in the CV which is available in the attachment to this document below in the text.