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Technical committees

The Technical Committees (TCs) perform expert work in the field of standardization and are established for a specific area, at the initiative of stakeholders. Consequently, TC is a body composed of stakeholders (members) in the relevant field, i.e. a body composed of representatives of state administration bodies and legal entities: manufacturers, companies, consumer associations, citizens' associations and chambers of commerce, educational and scientific institutions, certification bodies, laboratories, inspection bodies and other legal entities. The work of the Technical Committees is voluntary. The following is a list of ISRSM TC and their status, i.e. for each ISRSM TC is given its: Scope, relationship with international and European mirror committees, as well as data on the Work Programme, published standards and other activities of committee.

Equipment and protective systems for potentially explosive atmosphere Active

Electronic communications Active

Water quality Disbanded

Characterization of waste Active

Textile, leather and their products Active

Lifts, escalators and moving walks Active

Petroleum products and lubricants Active

Thermal performance of buildings. Active

Quality management, environmental management and risk management Active

Road vehicles, tractors and mechanization Active

Geotechnics Active

Road – materials, equipment and signs Disbanded

Food Quality Active

Environmental management Disbanded

Non destructive testing Disbanded

Coding of country names and related entities Active

Air quality and Water quaity Active

Accreditation, Conformity Assesment and metrology Active

Safety of machinery Active

Electric Cables Disbanded

Low voltage equipment and electric cables Active

Heating, ventilating, air-conditioning Disbanded

Fire safety in buildings Disbanded

Concrete and concrete products Disbanded

Concrete, concrete products and masonry Active

Forestry, wood technology and furniture Disbanded

Gas technique and equipment Active

Plastics Disbanded

Appliances burning gaseous fuels Disbanded

Eurocodes Disbanded

Electrical lighting Active

Electric power and instalations Active

Metrology Disbanded

Information and communication technologies Active

Non destructive testing, welding and allied processes Active

Chemistry and Plastics Active

Metals and metallurgy Active

Tobacco and tobacco products Active

Language and Terminology, Translation, Interpreting, and Related Technology Active

Eurocodes and National Annexes Active

Homeopathy practice and education Disbanded

Human resource management Active

Materials,equipment and signalling for roads Active

Tourism and related services Active

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Active

Fire safety in buildings Active

ISRSM Council Active