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Development of Macedonian standards

The standards are developed by respecting the principle of consensus by the technical committees composed of stakeholders - industry representatives, government agencies, academia, and consumers. The work of these technical committees is organized and coordinated by the national standardization body, ie the Institute for Standardization of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The basic procedure for drafting the standards is in accordance with the Internal Rules of ISRSM which are based on European and international principles. The preparation of the standards consists of several stages:

An initiative for preparation and adoption of the Macedonian standard (stage 00.00) can be submitted by all interested parties, government bodies, or other legal entities, by the technical bodies of the Institute, and others. The initiative should be submitted in written and electronic form on an appropriate form OB_R4_027, with an explanation of the reasons why the development and adoption of a new Macedonian standard are required, as well as the current situation regarding the existence of valid national standards and/or international and European standards, in the field to which the initiative relates. A working version of the standard (project) may be submitted in addition to the initiative.