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New e-learning tool for standardization - "Know the future"

Standards have a great impact on society and contribute to a safer daily life. In Europe, regulators have turned to standards to support law enforcement and policy, including in areas of public interest. This makes it even more important for civil society to engage and participate in standardization.

Three organizations have a special role to play in conveying the needs of civil society in the development of standards in Europe and internationally:

ANEC - The European consumer voice in standardization

ECOS - The European Environmental Citizens ’Organization in Standardization

ETUC - The European Trade Union Confederation

Build your expertise, increase your knowledge and influence!

ANEC, ECOS and ETUC have teamed up with CEN-CENELEC to develop a free, interactive e-learning course that provides clear and direct information on standards and the standardization process in Europe, as well as nationally and internationally. The course contains several modules to help users learn about standards, their development and their key role in protecting consumers, workers and the environment. Furthermore, it demonstrates the importance of civil society engaging in standardization in order to improve, strengthen and enhance the legitimacy of the European standardization system. If you want to discover the world of standards, this training is for you! Follow our course to find out why standards are relevant to you, and how you can participate in developing standards that benefit everyone!

The course can be found at the link: