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Organized by the Association for Corporate Security - Skopje, an international conference on "Cyber security - a reality for companies" was held.
The organizer of the conference, prof. Dr. Atanas Kozarev, the head of the association, said that the focus of the conference is to raise awareness of the need to strengthen the security culture in the business community in our country and beyond.
- Although the last two years the attention of mankind has turned to one of the most serious health threats so far, cyber-attacks have not stopped, but on the contrary, have also manifested a new phenomenology. Our country, its citizens and the business world are not immune to these cyber threats either. In 2018, the Government of RSM adopted the National Strategy for Cyber Security 2018-2022, in order, among other things, to promote a culture of cyber security, which will achieve a comprehensive understanding of cyber threats, as well as building and improvement of the necessary capacities for protection - said Kozarev.
The Action Plan sought to strengthen institutional capacity by establishing a national cyber security council and establishing a body with cyber security operational capacities as a newly established independent body (agency, directorate) or as a newly formed organizational unit, ie a body within an existing body. , added Kozarev.

"All these activities are in function of the preventive-repressive fight against cybercriminals, who, abusing the achievements and benefits of information technology, commit sophisticated crimes with the same or similar criminal characteristics," the conference organizer said in his speech.
Finally, Kozarev stressed that it is especially important for this conference, which is held in the month that is marked as the International Month of Cyber Security.
The moderator of the plenary sessions of the conference was Ms. Violeta Luzevska Rajcevska from "Makedonski Telekom". The international character of the conference was enriched by the lectures of prof. Dr. Nikola Protrka from the Police College in Croatia, expert in digital evidence, computer forensics, cybercrime, etc. As an expert, he is key in several EU projects, such as the twinning project "Providing Support in the Implementation of the Modernization of the Legislative Framework for Personal Data Protection in the Republic of Macedonia". His presentation on "Cyberspace: Our Friend or Enemy" at an extremely high academic and expert level explained the contemporary aspects of cyberspace diversity today.
Prof. Dr. Hadib Salkic, from the Center for Business Studies in Kiseljak, BiH, a permanent forensic expert in the field of mobile telephony at the Federal
Dr. Snezana Cherepnalkovska Dukovska, from the Internal Audit Department of the National Bank, showed what is key to building cyber-sustainability from the perspective of an internal auditor for IT. She stressed that it is very important to show leadership in this area and to start activities and improvements in this area in companies due to cyber challenges that are unpredictable. The purpose of introducing cyber endurance is to continue conducting business activities with reduced capacity and performance, even in the event of a massive cyber attack.

The director of the Institute for Standardization, Xhevat Kicara, M.Sc., referred to the current situation related to the functioning of the institute and especially emphasized that the conference is related to yesterday's World Standardization Day and sent a special message to connect state bodies, institutions, associations , individuals with the institute, in order to apply world standards in this area.
Liljana Hadzievska-Antovska, B.Sc. el. eng. from the Institute for Standardization, explained the standardization in the field of cyber security.
The second session of the conference was followed by presentations by: Martin Vasilkovski, an employee of Data Masters, Skopje, who spoke about how Data Science supports the cyber security process; Aleksandar Acev, Head of the National Computer Incident Response Center MKD-CIRT, from his rich professional experience entered the modern cyber-risks, threats, attacks and good defense practices, and Biljana Bozinovska, from "Makedonski Telekom" with a lecture on "Layer protection 'approach as a cyber security strategy.