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19-23 September 2022 Abu Dhabi hosts the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) General Assembly,

This year's General Assembly, also facilitated by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), includes meetings and thematic workshops of technical committees to discuss, find and offer solutions to world globalization through standards.

At the opening of the #isoannualmeeting, ISO President Ulrika Francke and MoIAT Under-Secretary Omar Suvaine Al Suvaijdi gave opening remarks, who emphasized the importance and role of standards in industry, trade, tourism, economy and ecology. The ISO 2030 strategy, represented by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), paves the way for achieving a shared vision for a better world and a plan for peace, prosperity for people and the planet that can and should only be achieved by the combined forces of members, experts and partners of international standardization organization ISO. The ISRSM delegation with the director mr Dzevat Kicara, also participates in the meetings and workshops, who held numerous meetings with the top standardization officials from around the world, highlighting the importance of international standards that support innovation and provide solutions for global challenges in solving and shaping a better future. .The workshops were on the following topics:

  • How international standards can help in implementing climate plans

An innovative and sustainable approach in food systems

Trade in the era of digitalization Innovative solutions for water shortages

Shaping corporate governance for the 21st century

The London Declaration - a year later through which we learn how ISO members have transformed their economies and activities through standards.