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ISRSM through the use of the TAIEX instrument organizes a workshop on the topic: STANDARDS FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTS SELF-FIGHTING CIGARETTES IN MACEDONIA

In an effort to reduce the number of accidental fires and deaths caused by carelessly thrown cigarettes that can ignite furniture or bedding, CEN and ISO have developed standards for self-extinguishing cigarettes, known as LIP standards. It is a new technology with which cigarettes will be extinguished much faster after being thrown on the ground. According to the EU Product Safety Directive and the Decision of the European Commission (2011/496 / EC), from November 2011, only cigarettes that will comply with the new (LIP) standards can be sold on the EU market (EN 16156: 2010 and EN ISO 12863: 2010). This novelty is expected to be implemented in Macedonia ISRSM through the use of the instrument TAIEX organizes a workshop on the topic: STANDARDS FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTS At this workshop the emphasis will be placed on the new LIP (low ignition propensity) standards in accordance with the standards for Europe, the planned amendments to the European directives on product safety (Directive 2001/95 / EC) and the marketing of tobacco products (Directive 2001/37 / EC). All interested legal entities working in the field of tobacco and tobacco products can apply for one participant in the workshop. In the application you should state the name and surname of the participant, the name of the institution and contact information (e-mail and phone number). The number of participants is limited.