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Macedonian standard

Macedonian Standard is a standard adopted by the Institute for Standardization of the Republic of North Macedonia (ISRSM) and is available to the public.

The Macedonian standard can be identical to the European (EN), international (ISO/IEC) standard, or some other national standard (DIN, BS…) and in that case, you can recognize it by the mark (MKS EN, MKS ISO, MKS DIN) However, the Macedonian standard can be "only" a national standard, ie developed by experts from ISRSM technical working bodies and adopted by ISRSM as a Macedonian standard. This standard has not been adopted at the European and international levels, but its existence must be reported to European standardization bodies.

In addition to the Macedonian standard, ISRSM through its technical working bodies develops and publishes other standardization documents such as technical reports and technical specifications.