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ISO - The International Organization for Standardization (, last year launched a major drive to involve students in the world of standardization. As a result, so far, more than 2,000 academics from almost 70 countries in the world have registered to participate in workshops that have been prepared in several series. The theme of these online events is "ISO & THE ROLE OF STUDENTS IN MAKING LIVES EASIER, SAFER & BETTER", and the goal is for new generations of professionals to get to know directly how to adopt international standards and the benefits of their application so that in the future they will be ready to create your own successful career.

The third series of workshops was launched on January 30 and will include six two-and-a-half-hour meetings chaired by DEVCO's Technical Committee Chair, Ms. Moideh Rossan Tabari (

We invite all interested students to apply at the following link:

We also inform you that the First International Student Technical Committee, ISINEG/TC 1 "Climate Change" has been established, with students from 25 countries as members.

The secretariat of this Technical Committee is located in IBNORCA (Instituto Boliviano de Normalización y Calidad) and the manager of the Committee is also from Bolivia.

The student technical committee held 3 plenary meetings and created 8 working groups in which students from around the world, including our country, have the opportunity to get involved and propose new proposals and ideas for work:

ISINEG/TC 1 WG 1 Terminology

ISINEG/TC 1 WG 2 Green infrastructure management

ISINEG/TC 1 WG 3 Ocean

ISINEG/TC 1 WG 4 Technology

ISINEG/TC 1 WG 5  Environmental risk management

ISINEG/TC 1WG 6  Food waste management

ISINEG/TC 1 WG 7 Policy for the protection of the natural environment

ISINEG/TC 1 WG 8 Sustainable production

The fourth series of workshops will start from March 26 led by Korean universities and students.