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National Conference on Accreditation of International Standards

A national conference on accreditation of international standards as a tool to prevent corruption, organized by the RSM Accreditation Institute, and funded by USAID, is being held today at the Double Tree by Hilton hotel, Skopje.

The purpose of the conference is to encourage discussion, exchange of opinions and stimulation for the implementation of the standards ISO 37001- Anti-corruption management system and ISO 27001- Information security management system, to share good practices from EU countries that have them implemented the standards as well as to discuss the legal requirements for the introduction of the standards in public administration institutions.

Slavica Grkovska, M.Sc., Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance policies, Sloboden Chokrevski, M.Sc., the director of the Accreditation Institute (IARSM), and other eminent persons from these areas of the country and the region have their presentations at the conference. From ISRSM, Goran Pletvarski, M.Sc., and Violeta Shareska Gjakovska, M.Sc., from the Department of Standardization, were present.