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We would like to inform you that the technical committee ISRSM TK 25 - Concrete, concrete products and masonry at ISRSM, has prepared a new Macedonian national standard, N MKS 1022: 2021 - Steel for reinforcing concrete, welded reinforcement nets - Features. This standard is put up for public debate from November to the end of December 2021. The draft version of the standard is available on our website. By logging in through "My Profile" and using the search tool you have the opportunity to access the content of the standard as well as the opportunity to vote and submit comments on the draft standard.

This Macedonian national standard covers the requirements for making nets, factory-made, machine-welded reinforcement nets, produced from ribbed rods or products obtained by unwinding windings that are in accordance with MKS 1021: 2019.

 Benefits of implementing the standard is that manufacturers and laboratories will gain a valid national standard by which they can be managed.

Access to the draft text of the Macedonian national standard is given through the following link

Н МКС EN 1022: 2021

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Detailed information on the public hearing procedure and the voting and commenting process can be found at:

Dr. Sonja Cherepnalkovska

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Katerina Jovanovska

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