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News and events related to ISRSM.

ISO Annual Meeting 2023

18-22 September Brisbane, Australia,

Panel discussion of institutions from the quality infrastructure

Meeting of quality infrastructure institutions with economic operators in the electrical products and machinery sector

ISO Annual Meeting

This year’s edition, under the theme “Meeting global needs”, comes at a pivotal time for the world.

World Standards Day 14 October 2023

On the eve of the World Standards Day, October 14, 2023 and the multi-year campaign "Shared vision for a better world" with an emphasis on SDG 3 safe and healthy life and well-being for all.

Почеток на новата училишна година

Добредојдовте во светот во кој сите заедно ќе зачекориме во својување нови знаења

Flow measuring devices

Minimum performance requirements and test procedures for water monitoring/monitoring equipment

Terminology entries in standards

General requirements and examples of representation and Adoption of standardized terminological records

Tanks for the transport of dangerous substances

The transport of liquid chemicals and liquid gases, and the risk that this activity entails, affects many sectors of our society

Standard of public hearing

A translation of the standard and amendment H MKS EN ISO 17100:2015/A1:2017(mk) Translation services - Requests for translation services has been prepared and released for public discussion until the end of September 2023.

20 years since the establishment of the Standardization institute

The Standardization institute marks 20 years since its establishment as the only national body for standardization in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Embracing net zero: a crucial step towards a sustainable future

The strongest tool against the climate crisis is the acceptance and transition to NET ZERO emissions, so far the most convincing solution that offers environmental, economic, social and health benefits and solutions

MKC EN ISO 14001

Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use

The MKC standard ISO 24229 - Codes for written language conversion systems

MKC ISO 24229 - Information and documentation - Codes for written language conversion systems


Quality management systems - Requirements

Standards available in Macedonian language

Adopted Macedonian standards with endorsement method available in Macedonian language

World Chocolate Day

On the occasion of World Chocolate Day, the standards adopted by ISRSM TK 13 - Food Quality

CEN and CENELEC 2023 General Assembly

June 19-22 Belgrade hosted the Cen/Cenelec General Assembly

Tourism and related services

Standards for sustainable development of tourism and related services