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A delegation of the Institute for Standardization of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (ISRSM) led by the Director of ISSRM, Xhevat Kicara, MA 02-03.12.2021 had a very important two-day meeting with the top management of the French Institute for Standardization, and also followed the work of CENELEC committee where ISRSM has peace committees.

The representatives of the French Institute for Standardization showed great hospitality and desire to help our institute in any field where possible.

The Director of ISRSM, Xhevat Kicara, MA paid the most attention to the meeting with the Director of Standardization, Mr. Franck LEBEUGLE, where he emphasized that ISRSM and AFNOR should deepen the cooperation and asked for efforts to be made and to receive unparalleled support and assistance from on their part, primarily for the promotion and development of the certification sector in ISSRM, having in mind that AFNOR is one of the world leaders in the field of certification.

The directors agreed that the managements of the two institutes should review the Memorandum of Cooperation signed since 2010 and both sides should propose certain changes to finally sign a new memorandum which in the future would produce much desired effects and results. for us as an institute.

In the part of trainings, our interested parties, ie the experts who are involved in the work of the technical committees at ISRSM to get the opportunity to be trained through the top experts in certain fields that AFNOR has, all in order to be more involved in the work of European and International technical committees led by AFNOR experts.

The ISRSM delegation met with some of the experts conducting the trainings at AFNOR, where they made presentations on how the trainings are conducted before and during the pandemic.