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Public enquiry and Systematic Review procedure

The public enquiry has been identified as one of the three good practices that standardization bodies need to implement. Observing the principle of openness and transparency, participation of each interested party in the process of drafting the standards and standardization documents, the Institute for Standardization (ISRSM) has an obligation to conduct a public enquiry procedure. The procedure itself is conducted, ie it consists of an integrated process that includes two aspects of the involvement of the interested parties. One aspect, which refers to public enquiry, taking into account the interest of each interested party to participate with its comments on the content of the draft standards, and the second aspect, are the decisions made at the proposal of stakeholders - members of Technical Committees, is within the National Standardization Bodies acting on previously submitted comments.

This process is the key to developing widely applicable standards, consensus-based standards, and standards that improve the quality of products, procedures, and services, the quality of life and health of people, the safety of property, and the protection of the environment and nature.

In addition to the public enquiry, the ISRSM system provides the possibility for comments and voting on Macedonian standards/standardization documents that are in the systematic review stage. This stage refers to published Macedonian standards and is conducted in order to ensure harmonization with the scientific and technical level of technology development in a specific area to which the Macedonian standard applies

You can see more about the public enquiry and systematic review procedure in the following document:

Public enquiry and systematic review procedure