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The directors of the Institute for Standardization of RS Macedonia (ISRSM), Xhevat Kicara, MA and the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro (ISME), Mr. Zoran Glomazic on July 15-16 in Podgorica, paid an official two-day visit.

The meeting covered topics related to the work and organization of the two institutions, the work of the Technical Committees, the use of data processing systems, QMS system management, but also the support for the application for full membership in ISO and CEN / CENELEC on Institute for Standardization of Montenegro.

ISRSM and ISME staff exchanged experiences in the field of standardization, sales and promotion of standards and training, Eurocodes with goals and guidelines for promotion and continuation of future good regional cooperation between the two national standardization bodies.

To the mutual honor and satisfaction of this official working visit, it was agreed to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation and in anticipation of their future visit to ISRSM in Skopje.