Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia
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Sales of standards

ISRSM sells:

The request for standards is submitted to your memorandum in writing to ISRSM on:

The request must indicate in particular the mark, number and year of issue of the required standards, as well as their full name.
ISRSM will provide you in writing (by address, fax or e-mail) with information about the required standards.
After the payment of the funds, contact the Info Center of ISRSM for a contract for raising the standards.
The raising of the standards is done after we see the paid funds on the excerpt. You will upload the standards together with the original invoice in the archive of ISRSM. The standards are sold on CD-ROM in pdf. format. Note: Payment is made on form PP50. Working hours with clients: every working day from 09: 00h - 12: 30h.

Online Sales Standards

In ISRSM there is a possibility to obtain the standards online. The online purchase of standards with cashless payment cards nowadays is certainly an easier, faster and simpler way to buy and at the same time take the necessary standards without wasting time for payment in the post office or bank.

All that is needed for online purchase is to register on the ISRSM website in the section "My Profile", and after creating an order of standards you need to choose the option of payment with a payment card.


ISRSM Info Center - telephones: 02 3247 159 and 02 3247 157

Copyright Protection

According to Article 23 of the Law on Standardization ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia" no. 54/2002), the Macedonian standard is issued as a separate publication and the copyright for it belongs to ISRSM, in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Other Related Rights. It is prohibited, without the consent of ISRSM, partial or complete reproduction or distribution of the Macedonian standard.