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In 2019, both IEC and ISO signed the UNECE Declaration on Gender Responsive Standards, pledging to make standards and the standards development process gender responsive. The signatories, among other things, "committed that the representation of women in the development of standards is almost always equal and that the results for men and women are not explicitly covered during the process of developing standards". They also committed to taking action to ensure that standards become gender responsive.

ISO and IEC have prepared guidelines for the preparation of standards relating to gender equality. Together with the instructions, a template has been prepared, which is intended for further use during the creation of each subsequent new standardization project. More information can be found at the following links:

Guidelines for the preparation of standards relating to gender responsive - Gender Responsive Standards Guidance

Form for the preparation of standards related to gender responsive - Assessment Form

IEC blog on standards relating to gender responsive - Paving the way for Gender Responsive Standards