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Duration: 2 days

Context and objectives

The new 2015 version of ISO 9001 lays a new foundation for building and deploying a quality management system.
Without revolutionizing the guiding concepts, it reinforces some key requirements and introduces new requirements.
This training module, organized over 3 days, will allow you to understand the new requirements of this new version, to identify the impacts on your quality management system and to acquire a methodology and tools to implement a quality approach. the key developments of IS0 9001: 2015. The objective of this training is to enable participants to:
- To understand the main issues of the revision of ISO 9001: 2015;
- Understand the articulation of the chapters of the common structure (Higher Level Structure HLS);
- Know the key developments of the 2015 version of ISO 9001;
- Understand the impact of this review on your quality approach and identify the areas of work to evolve your Quality Management System;
- Acquire a methodology and tools to implement a quality approach responding to the key developments of IS0 9001: 2015.

Who is concerned

  • Quality Project Managers: Directors, Managers, Animators, Quality Engineers,
  • Actors in charge of designing or reviewing a quality management system,
  • Process drivers


Introduction to ISO 9001 V 2015:
Purpose of the revision
Terminology: new or modified definitions
The Seven Principles of Quality Management: Statement and Basis
New architecture of ISO 9001 "HLS structure"
Main changes
Step-by-step reading of the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015
Focus on key developments
Methodologies and tools to integrate key developments
- Understand the context of the organization and identify the issues
internal and external
- Identify relevant stakeholders and take into account
consideration their requirements
- Define the scope of the management system
- Develop quality policy and define quality objectives
- Implement the process approach
- Identify and take into account risks and opportunities
- Determine the organizational knowledge needed
- Evaluate performance and undertake improvement

Identify areas of progress and build an action plan

Training course dates

Please select the training course you wish to attend from the list below. You can book up to 3 delegates online*

*Price is for one person per one day. Please note that starting date will be confirmed two weeks before the course.