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What is standard

Standards are all around us, although we are not always aware of them. One example is the widely used A4 paper standard

There are several different types of standards that apply to and include requirements and/or recommendations for products, systems, processes, or services. Standards can also be a way of describing measurement and testing methods or establishing common terminology within a specific sector. In essence, standards are an agreed-upon way of doing things.

By definition STANDARD is a document prepared by consensus and adopted by a recognized body, which, for general and repetitive use, provides rules, guidelines, and characteristics for certain activities or results of those activities, aimed at achieving an optimal degree of orderliness in a certain area.

Standards are developed and defined through a process of knowledge sharing and consensus-building between technical experts nominated by stakeholders - including the business community, consumers, government agencies, and academia.

The standard is a document with a voluntary application, and consists of technical specifications based on the results of experience and technological development.