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Who develops the Macedonian standards

The professional work in the field of standardization is performed by the Technical Committees (ISRSM TC) established within the Institute.

TC is a body composed of stakeholders (members) in the relevant field, ie a body composed of representatives of state administration bodies and legal entities: manufacturers, companies, consumer associations, citizens' associations and chambers of commerce, educational and scientific institutions, certification bodies, laboratories, inspection bodies, and other legal entities.

The task of the technical committees in the preparation and implementation of the program for adoption of standards in certain areas, monitoring and participation in the work of the relevant technical working bodies of international and European standardization organizations, as well as other matters in accordance with П_Р2_029 - Rulebook for the establishment and work of Technical committees.

In case when a TC has not been established for a certain area, and when there is no possibility and interest for establishing a new TC, the procedure for adoption of Macedonian standards and standardization documents can be implemented through the RrC of the Institute (Council of the Institute), ie Working Body established by the director of the Institute, at the proposal of PrK.