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Working meeting, preparation of translation of MKC EN ISO 15189:2022 – Medical laboratories

Today, May 19, 2023, a working meeting was held in the premises of the Institute for Standardization (ISRSM) on the topic of translation of the standard MKC EN ISO 15189:2022 - Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence.

This meeting is coordinated between the Institute for Standardization (ISRSM) and the Institute for Accreditation (IARSM) and initiated by the growing interest from interested parties in this field, for the availability of a translation of the standard for medical laboratories. Consequently, from the ISRSM representatives who attended the meeting were Goran Pletvarski, MSc, head of the general standardization department, Liljana Hadzievska-Antovska, MSc, head of the electrical engineering standards department, Vesna Popovska, MSc, .Advisor from the field of chemistry, textiles, agriculture, food and Katerina Jovanovska, advisor for standards from the field of electrical engineering and informatics, while the representative from IARSM was Sandra Kosteska, M.Sc., head of the department for accreditation of medical laboratories. On the part of the interested parties, there were representatives from the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) - Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology "Georgi D. Efremov", then PHU University Institute for Clinical Biochemistry, PHU Avicenna Laboratory, CB Acibadem Sistina - Skopje and PHU General Hospital RE-Medika, Skopje

The focus of the meeting was familiarizing the interested parties with the role of ISRSM in the translation process and the procedure for its implementation. Namely, every interested party that needs a certain standard to be available in the Macedonian language, submits a draft text of the translation to ISRSM. The translation itself involves a time-consuming process that implies expertise in the production and revision of the translation. The goal is, by avoiding different interpretations, a verified translation, acceptable to all interested parties, users of the translation. That is why the translation process is carried out through the ISRSM Technical Committees (ISRSM TK) within the framework of the National Standardization Bodies (ISRSM) or a Working Body established for this purpose and it basically depends on the interested party(ies)

It has been accepted by all interested parties present as an expert in this field to create a translation of this Macedonian standard. The first step in the preparation of the translation should be coordinated and carried out through the Technical Committee for Medical Laboratories within the framework of the Accreditation Institute (IARSM), and then in the second stage this translation should be submitted to ISRSM for its verification, according to the standardization rules and defined principles.

In the direction of further effective work in the implementation of translation activities, there will be constant communication and coordination between the representatives from ISRSM and IARSM