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World Halal Summit 2022 и OIC Halal Expo

World Halal Summit 2022 and the 9th OIC Halal Expo November 24-26 Istanbul, this year on the theme "For Sustainable Trade: Explore the Development of the Global Halal Industry in All Its Aspects"

The OIC Halal Expo concurrently with the World Halal Summit provides a unique opportunity to exchange expertise and experience between participants, researchers and experts in all areas related to the definition of Halal (e.g. Halal food and beverages, Halal cosmetics and personal care, Halal tourism and accommodation , Islamic banking and finance, textiles and modest fashion, etc.)

ISRSM Director Dzevat Kicara met with Ihsan Ovut, Secretary General of the Institute of Standards and Metrology for Islamic Countries (SMIIC), who at the opening of the fair emphasized the strong focus on quality in the halal market and noted that standards are the common language of who we work to make our lives easier.

The director of ISRSM at the fair held a number of discussions and bilateral meetings with leaders of institutions and agencies, accreditation bodies, state and private institutions involved in Halal in their countries.

The very participation of this fair and the efforts of our Standardization Institute is to establish Islamic Halal compliance in our Food Technical Committee and future cooperation with SMIIC in the steps to adopt and implement Halal in RSM

Nearly 500 exhibitors from 40 countries are participating in the four-day fair that will showcase a variety of halal-compliant products and services that 47 countries around the world have included in their technical food committees.

The summit is organized to offer an extensive program of inspiring keynote addresses and interactive panel sessions with pioneers from the Halal sector and other stakeholders, covering the main challenges and opportunities in the Halal industry, as well as scientific presentations and seminars. This wide range of discussion formats provides an international platform for Halal experts to exchange ideas and share their invaluable experience. During the summit program, current trends in the Halal sector will be discussed, and new directions in the Halal market will be identified by competent policy makers and professionals in the field.

The previous edition of the World Halal Summit hosted 67 speakers from 16 different countries. Speakers presented their original works in 10 different sessions. The Summit was well attended by 31,067 visitors from 96 countries around the world.