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MKTC ISO/TS 8100-21:2022

Безбедносни правила за конструкција и монтажа на лифтови - Дел 21: Безбедносни параметри што ги исполнуваат глобалните суштински барања (GESRs)

Lifts for the transport of persons and goods — Part 21: Global safety parameters (GSPs) meeting the global essential safety requirements (GESRs)

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90.93     15.12.2021



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This document:
a) specifies global safety parameters (GSPs) for lifts (elevators), their components and their functions;
b) complements the system and methods specified in ISO 8100‑20 for mitigating safety risks that can arise in the course of the operation and use of, or work on, lifts (elevators).
NOTE Hereinafter, the term "lift" is used instead of the term "elevator".
It is applicable to lifts that can:
a) be located in any permanent and fixed structure within or attached to a building, except lifts located in:

private residences (single family units); or
means of transport, e.g. ships;

b) have any:

rated load, size of load-carrying unit (LCU) and speed; and
travel distance and number of landings;

c) be affected by fire in the load-carrying unit, earthquakes, weather or floods;
d) be foreseeably misused (e.g. overloaded), but not vandalized.
This document does not specifically cover
a) all the needs of users with disabilities; or
b) risks arising from:

work on lifts under construction, during testing, or during alterations and dismantling;
use of lifts for firefighting and emergency evacuation;
fire outside the LCU;
explosive atmosphere;
transportation of dangerous goods.

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МКТС ISO/TS 22559-2:2013


MKTC ISO/TS 8100-21:2022
90.93 Потврден стандард

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