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prМКС EN ISO 8804-2:2022

Услови за обука на научни нуркачи - Дел 2: Напреден научен нуркач (ISO/DIS 8804-2:2023)

Requirements for the training of scientific divers - Part 2: Advanced scientific divers (ISO/DIS 8804-2:2023)

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40.60     23.10.2023

45.99    24.6.2024



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Подрачје на примена

This 3 part standard specifies the requirements for the training of scientific divers at 3 levels. The standard shall be limited in its scope so as to be applicable to all disciplines of science.

Scientific Diver - Is capable of diving for scientific purposes under the supervision of an Advanced Scientific Diver and under the overall oversight of a Scientific Project Leader.

Advanced Scientific Diver - An individual with specific technical or academic skills capable of diving for scientific purposes.

Scientific Diving Project Leader - Is capable of overseeing the conduct of a scientific diving project.

Each standard will specify Competencies, Prerequisites for training, Introductory information, Required theoretical knowledge, Required practical skills, Practical training parameters and Evaluation criteria for training systems aimed at training Scientific Divers, Advanced Scientific Divers and Scientific Diving Project Leaders. It is envisaged that each part of this three part standard will be a stand-alone deliverable (similar to ISO 24801 parts one, two and three).

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prМКС EN ISO 8804-2:2022
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